Did you know that engine oil also helps cool your engine?

Oil is the most important fluid contained within a car even before water. The oils primary purpose is to provide adequate lubrication to the plethora of moving parts within the engine.

All those moving parts together creates allot of friction and heat, which the oil then carries away from those parts to be cooled either in the sump or by way of an oil cooler.  Having the right amount of oil means it can lubricate properly and carry away the required amount of heat energy so parts don't overheat. 

We see many cars presented for a cooling system service, and often their oil is also low, dirty, old or sometimes it doesn't even show on the dipstick (and no that does not mean you need a longer dipstick).  With that in mind we now offer our customers a basic engine maintenance service in addition to our professional cooling system maintenance.  

So why not let us look after your cars complete cooling needs?

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