7 year warranty


Bendigo Radiators can service all kinds of radiators.  From simple leak repairs & modifications to cleanouts and full blown re-cores of even your biggest radiator.  Your daily driver, weekend show piece, your bush bashing getaway vehicle or work rig - we can get you back on the road again - reliably.



A radiator cleanout can only be done with the unit removed from the vehicle.  Once removed the inlet (usually) tank is removed and each tube is then roded out and cleared of any blockage.  If its a soldered unit the header pate is cleaned, solder gutter scrubbed clean of old solder and re tinned.  The tank and fittings are sand blasted and repairs made before parts are tinned before reassembly.  The unit is then pressure tested to ensure no leaks before being washed and painted with a special radiator enamel paint.


Plastic tanked radiator follow a similar process, except rather than soldered to the core, they are crimped on with a rubber gasket.  A new tank and gasket may also be used upon reassembly.



There are a couple types of cooling system servce.  one, a drain and fill, and two, a power & chemical flush of the system.  A drain and fill is simply that.  The old coolant is draind from the system, it may then be clean water and power flushed before being refilled with coolant. 


The next level is much more thorough.  After the system is drained, it is powerflushed with air pressure to remove as much contaminant as possible before being filled and a chemical cleaning agent is added (you don't wash dishes or clothes without detergent - likewise the cooling system can become very dirty over time and plain water just wont cut it). 


Stray current tests, thermostat, cap, hoses, clamps, gaskets,  heater tap operation, fan condition/operation and other components are also checked and replaced.  (after discussing it with the customer first).  We don't condone or partake in any shonky unauthorised repairs here. 



Not all radiator cores are created equal.  Cores can be made to many configurations to better suit your needs.  They can be made stronger, more efficient, to a higher capacity and to provide a greater serviceability (think alloy/plastic radiators converted to full copper/brass).  Most radiators you buy 'out of the box' so to speak, are usually a compromise.  Built on a production line to a set basic minimum standard and in high numbers.  Our re-cores can be custom configured to YOUR EXACT needs and are assembled by US.  Thereby ensuring you the highest possible quality and performance.  And all our cores are made right here in Australia.